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The purpose of Field Trips with Aja is for kids to participate in a fun and educational trips that both parents and kids can agree on. We take the fun of the typical School Field Trips outside the everyday classroom. The goal is to have exciting trips throughout several metro Atlanta venues. Some events will require parental supervision, kids drop off, and or via bus charter to the venue. Members of Field Trips with Aja will be able to get discounted venue tickets through group and sponsorship rates. Additional perks will be provided as our membership grows. Although most trips do require a fee, we never want a child to not be able to participate due to financial reasons. Scholarships will be awarded for either significant accomplishment or financial hardships. Memberships are opened to both male and females between the ages of 5 to 13 year olds. We are looking for Explorer members to help establish the organization and help promote our growth. Explorer’s are members that will be recognized as one of the original members of Field Trips with Aja. The advantages of being an Explorer member:

  1. Your name will be permanently listed as a original Member
  2. Reduced Membership Fee
  3. T-shirt
  4. Rubber wristband
  5. Membership Card

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Aja Wooldridge is a child actor and model in the Atlanta Area. She was inspired to start a business while attending a Entrepreneur Summer Camp called Pretty Mogul. The camp inspired her to create her own business. One of her favorite parts of school was taking Field Trips. So thought it would of been a good idea to take kids out for fun and educational field trips outside the school. That is why she created Field Trips with Aja
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